Insomniac Games’ staff has likely been living up to its name more than usual over the past month. With the announcement of two new titles for the Oculus Rift and release of the game and film of Ratchet & Clank, the veteran developer has been burning the midnight oil to say the least. Therefore, it’s no wonder that it should take some respite from the daily grind and mingle with fans, and that’s exactly what the North Carolina division of the studio did on the opening night for its film.

Not being able to ignore this, Joey Thurmond took it upon himself to head on over to the event to meet some folks and watch the movie. You can read his lukewarm review about it, but he also had the pleasure of taking studio director Chad Dezern aside to pick his brain about it and the game. While technical errors may have prevented us from delivering this to you sooner, we can now present what transpired during our conversation.

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