At one time, Crash Bandicoot was the face of the PlayStation brand, but through licensing headaches and the creation of other characters, the spunky star hasn’t quite gone on to fill the role of Nintendo’s Mario or Microsoft’s Master Chief. However, the hero’s titular game remains a signature PlayStation classic that served as a launching point for Naughty Dog’s climb to greatness, and it went on to inspire and entertain many with its memorable visuals and 3D platforming. Is it still as desirable and appealing as a freshly picked Wumpa Fruit, though – or has the game’s charm become more bland and stale after all of these years?

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P.S. So I got to review this classic for the PlayStation’s 20th anniversary, and what’s awesome is that my favorite video game company that introduced me to gaming was born in the same year I was! It’s just a few months younger than me (ha ha). It was an honor to review this!