Nature is beautiful. We observe it from pictures and videos from the safety of our home. We get up close to it on vacations through tour guides and hikes. And sometimes, we even interact with it by camping in the wilderness, preparing with ample supplies and experiencing only a sliver of what it must be like to rough it for real. But what if you suddenly found yourself in a stunning yet strange land with nothing but the clothes on your back? What would you use around you? What strategies would you implement to fight back hunger, maintain your health, and keep hold of your sanity? Don’t Starve presents the scenario that these questions pose as it slaps you down into an unfamiliar and unforgiving world with no tutorial, no guidance, and no mercy. However, will its harsh difficulty discourage and deprive you from experiencing much of what the novel PlayStation 4 release has to offer, or are the title’s beautiful visuals enough to keep you coming back for more?

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Dr. J