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Doom (2016) – Review

Doom is the first-person shooter genre distilled to an essence that’s mixed with and boiled in testosterone and adrenaline, concocting a true power fantasy that’s neither stupid nor childish, but one that invokes a cathartic chaos by assailing the senses.

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Top Five Games Of 2016 (Push Square)

It’s time once again for the indomitable staff here at Push Square to share their own personal Game of the Year picks. Every year, we herd our writers together and force them to spill their opinions on their five favourite games of the last 12 months. Usually, this involves poking…

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Doom – Review (Push Square)

It wasn’t until Wolfenstein: The New Order that we noticed how homogeneous first-person shooters have become over the past decade. The genre’s certainly made strides forward, but from a big picture perspective, we’ve spent the past decade or so taking cover and performing pot-shots to reach our objectives. However, MachineGames’…

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