While it’s a common story, Attack on Titan managed to pull this particular scribe into the anime world a couple years ago. How could it not? It has a striking art style with bold lining and subdued colour, a European setting with an intricate culture and inventions, and an irresistible world that draws you in with its mysteries and cliffhangers. We could divulge the great characters that always bring on compelling drama or the excitement of watching them use Omni-Directional Mobility Gear to kill Titans in aerial dances of slaughter, but this praise is widely known and held for one of Japan’s most successful properties.

It’s only natural that a video game would come along, and Humanity in Chains marked the first serious stab at the franchise, but the 3DS exclusive demonstrated the difficulty of translating the franchise’s fast-paced, unique action to an interactive experience. Now, Omega Force seeks to succeed where Spike Chunsoft failed, and against all odds, the studio has jumped this giant hurdle with Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, which fans of the show and the developer’s work will really enjoy – well, mostly.

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