DLC Review: Braving The Evil Within’s Season Pass on PS4

Survival horror games are part of a somewhat niche genre that constantly break moulds and, in the process, either make unexpected, monumental strides in innovation or uproarious setbacks by straying too far into other genres. Regardless, many of them have shocked the gaming world, and The Evil Within was no exception last year. Much of its appeal is founded on old school, survival horror conventions wrapped in current-gen graphics and a few modern design principles.

This seemingly spiritual successor to Resident Evil 4 was yet another controversial title in its genre with opinions ranging across the board on whether its shameless design dripping with nostalgia makes it a return to form for survival horror or an archaic bore stuck in the past. But even if you’re an ardent defender of The Evil Within, the season pass’s worth of DLC gives cause for one to be sceptical, too.

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