There’s not a single competitive shooter that can avoid the shadow that Overwatch has cast. As we were adjusting to the classes of Boss Key Production’s upcoming LawBreakers, we heard one of our friend’s remark, “Oh, the Battle Medic is a hybrid of Junkrat and Zenyatta.” At another point, we realised that one of the Titan characters, Bomchelle, reminded us of our favourite Russian weightlifter-turned-soldier Zarya in terms of her design and even her backstory. It’s hard not to make constant connections – even when we don’t want to.

That’s why it’s better to focus on differences with a new title to see if they adequately distinguish it from the competition, but can the same be said for LawBreakers? Since it was recently announced for the PS4 and PS4 Pro, we decided to jump into the open beta for a couple hours and test out six maps, four modes, and eight classes to see if the game has smoothly touched ground on Sony’s consoles.

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