There’s an age-old question that game theorists have long thought futile to answer: What is a video game? No one agrees on the exact parameters or qualifications, but it’s still an important debate that challenges our preconceived assumptions about the medium and what can be classified under it. Back in 2013, Fullbright brought this conversation to the forefront of the industry like never before with Gone Home. While opinions widely differ, I think most would agree that the developer brought environmental storytelling to a new level with a meticulously detailed and genuine space that pulls players into the Greenbriar family’s seemingly average yet complicated, compelling lives. Imagine a similar exploratory experience that’s just as (if not more) intricate and character-driven, but it’s set in space. That’s Tacoma. I’d say it’s Fullbright’s best work yet.

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Header and feature image contain concept art from Tacoma by Rebecca Mock.