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Eight Modes I Want To See In Overwatch (Game Informer)

Overwatch is at the height of its popularity, becoming Blizzard’s fastest-growing franchise ever with more than 35 million players. The developer has also led the charge in promoting the game’s burgeoning eSports scene with the Overwatch League, which boasted 10 million viewers during its first week of matches. It’s incredible to think how a…

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To Live And Let Play

I still laugh watching Adam Montoya’s (Seananners) videos where he goofed around with friends in multiplayer mods of Half-Life 2 and user-created modes for Garry’s Mod, such as Prop Hunt and Trouble in Terrorist Town. However, I’ve fallen off of the Let’s Play bandwagon for some time. I have little time to play videogames as…

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Destiny 2 And Dependence (Gamechurch)

    From destroying Wizards that came from the Moon to preventing the spread of SIVA, players that persevered in the original Destiny always rose to the top. Some Guardians with perfected Light levels even made some of the toughest Raids and Nightfall Strikes look like child’s play, in part…

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