I was introduced to the wide world of video games through my dad with a PlayStation console and Crash Bandicoot. These were the foundations upon which I began my lifelong journey as a gaming aficionado, but I’d be remiss to not mention the “Interactive CD Sampler Pack: Volume 8” disc I owned, which introduced me to my favorite 3D platformer series: the Spyro the Dragon trilogy. Other demos were featured that I played several times over, such as portions of Medieval and Metal Gear Solid. However, I distinctly remember a cinematic trailer for a horror game that showcased some of the most disturbing creatures I could’ve imagined when I was five years old, and with an M rating, playing it was out of the question. That was nearly two decades ago, so it’s high time I crack the case on whether Parasite Eve is as horrifying and exhilarating as it appeared to be all those years ago.

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