Nacht der Untoten was a bonus mode tacked onto Call of Duty: World at War. It had recycled assets, no voice acting, and a simple layout because Activision didn’t fund it. Nevertheless, Treyarch implemented the small map for the fun of it, which went on to not only become the underrated game’s defining legacy, but also a franchise staple. Now it’s commonplace to expect a Zombies mode annually, and WWII won’t reject the lifeblood this lucrative trend affords. In the meantime, series veterans and greenhorns can experience why the undead have been a massive part of Call of Duty for nearly a decade with Black Ops III’s Zombies Chronicles, which digs up eight classic Zombies maps and revives them to the fullest.

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Header image by ZedzDEMIZie over on Reddit.

Also, here’s a cool video I did comparing the visual differences between the maps across console generations!