There is nothing new under the sun, and video games are no exception to this proverbial truth. Titles boldly pioneer new mechanics or ideas yearly, but everyone is inspired in some fashion by video games and other media that have come beforehand. While most attempt to quietly imbue borrowed concepts, developer Tequila Works confidently wears its inspirations on its sleeves with RiME. Before and after playing it, it’s even more apt to bring up critic darlings like ICOJourney, and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, as all of them heavily contribute to RiME’s existence.

However, to define its worth in relation to these titles alone would cheapen what Tequila Works has accomplished with such a small team and intimidating expectations after several rough years of revision. On its own merits, RiME‘s design lacks substance in core areas, but largely overcomes these shortcomings with soulful trappings that will stir the emotions.

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